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Yuyao Hualong Moulds & Plastic Products Co.,Ltd.


Mold Making & Plastic Injection One-stop Service

Yuyao Hualong Moulds & Plastic Products Co.,Ltd.

Yuyao Hualong Moulds & Plastic Products Co.,Ltd. was established in 1988. Presently it is located in Far East Industrial Park, Yuyao City , Zhejiang Province, covering a 9000-sqm floor space along with over 8000-sqm modernized factory buildings ,RMB 30 million yuan-worthy fixed assets. At present, there are 15 plastic injection molding machines from 100g to 3500 g, more than 20 mold manufacturing equipment such as machining centers, and more than 20 testing equipment and other auxiliary equipment. Now, our annual production capacity is 80million yuan. We have 100 employees and more than 30 managers and professional technicians.

After over 30 years of indomitable efforts, with the molds-making and plastic products-processing as the mainstay, our company has implemented a service for product development, mold-designing and making, plastic injection-molding and finished product-assembly in a coordinated process. Hualong mold has long history of serving European and American high-quality brands and well-known public companies at domestic and abroad. Customized products involve all kinds of instruments, equipment accessories, industrial automation and intelligent equipment of the Internet of things, auto accessories, kitchen appliances, household products, etc. Products are widely used in power, communications, security, automotive, aerospace, medical, life and other different fields. More than 50% of customers have cooperated for more than 10 years, or even 20 years. Products are delivered to more than 20 countries and regions around the world.   

Hualong Mold is a member of Yuyao Mold Association, it has fully realized standardized management and quality control. We have gained certifications of ISO9001, ISO16949 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system. We accept annual factory inspection of clients, and conduct ECOVADIS audits on environment, labor and human rights, business ethics and sustainable procurement. We win a profound trust of the customers by our consistently exquisite techniques, strict working style, good professionally moral conscientiousness and reputation in the contract-respecting. Your contacts and visiting to us are cordially welcomed.

Founder Profile
Mr. Mao, chairman of the board, began to set foot in the plastic mold industry at the age of 20. He started his own business in 1985 and established Yuyao Hualong Mold& Plastic Products Co., Ltd. in 1995. Having worked for more than 30 years, adhering to the original intention, maintaining the craftsman spirit, treating people sincerely and striving for perfection, he has led the company to win the trust and good reputation of customers.
VICE Profile
Miss. Mao graduated from Northeastern University with a major in business administration. She worked for wayfair COM and Longwood investment in boston. She Joined Yuyao Hualong mold plastic products Co., Ltd. in 2018, mainly responsible for enterprise planning and business development.


  • Our Mission

    Striving for excellence forcustomers;
    Promoting common development of mold industry

  • Operation Principle

    Honesty and trustworthiness; People oriented;
    Service supremacy; Conscientiously and pragmatically

  • Business Policy

    Ensure quality;
    Professional production, ensure safety and efficiency;
    On time delivery; Confidentiality agreements

Marvelous Design Meets Rigorous Manufacturing

Business Advantage

  • Experience

    34 years of industry manufacturing experience, professional and reliable. More than 50% of our clients have cooperated with us for longer than 10 years, and some are even up to 20 years.


    We will provide customers with optimized design solutions to save costs in terms of design; in addition, the production and maintenance of molds in our company can ensure production efficiency without affecting customer supply requirements.

  • Mouds

    Our strong R&D team can develop and produce excellent mold according to the drawings or sample from clients. Meanwhile, provide thoughtful maintenance services to make sure quality and efficiency.


    We value technical ability.We don't specialize in one field, so that we have more experience facing customized products.

  • Capacity

    Complete production equipment, skilled workers and systematic operation and management, to ensure efficient production. our current production capacity is 80 million, and we have plans for capacity expansion and equipment and system upgrade in 2022.


    Our factory is 2 kilometers away from Yuyao Expressway, 10 kilometers away from Yuyao North High-speed Railway Station, and 80 kilometers away from Beilun Port, with convenient transportation.