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For power tool housing A, what are the main advantages of using reinforced nylon and TPE soft glue as materials?

For power tool housing A, the main advantages of using reinforced nylon and TPE soft glue as materials are as follows:
Advantages of reinforced nylon: Reinforced nylon has good strength and rigidity because reinforcing materials such as glass fiber or carbon fiber are added during its production process. The addition of these reinforcing materials greatly improves the mechanical properties of nylon, enabling it to withstand various pressures and impacts that power tools may be subjected to during operation. During the use of power tools, the housing often contacts various surfaces, so wear resistance is a very important consideration. The wear resistance of reinforced nylon is far good to that of ordinary nylon, and its surface hardness is high, which can effectively resist wear and scratches. Even after long-term use, the power tool housing can maintain its original appearance and performance, extending the service life of the product. In high temperature environments, many materials will experience performance degradation or deformation. However, reinforced nylon has good heat resistance and can maintain its stability and mechanical properties at high temperatures. This is crucial for power tools because power tools generate a lot of heat during continuous use. The heat resistance of reinforced nylon ensures that the housing of the power tool will not deform or be damaged at high temperatures, thus ensuring the safety and reliability of the power tool. Nylon material itself has a certain degree of hygroscopicity, but during the reinforcement process, its hygroscopicity can be reduced through special treatment. This makes the reinforced nylon have a lower hygroscopic expansion rate and can maintain its dimensional stability under different humidity environments.
Advantages of TPE soft glue: TPE soft glue has a unique soft touch, which not only makes the user feel comfortable, but also provides better grip stability during operation. This soft touch can reduce hand fatigue, while its anti-slip properties ensure that the tool can be effectively prevented from slipping even in a humid or oily environment, thereby improving the safety and efficiency of work. TPE soft glue has good aging resistance and can maintain its original physical and chemical properties even after long-term use and exposure to various environmental conditions. TPE soft glue raw materials can maintain flexibility and elasticity at temperatures as low as -40 degrees, which enables it to maintain normal performance in cold environments. TPE soft glue is an environmentally friendly rubber and plastic material. Compared with traditional PVC materials, it is more environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless. This not only meets the environmental protection requirements of modern society, but also ensures that users will not be harmed by harmful substances when touching and using the power tool housing. In addition, TPE soft glue is more recyclable, which further reduces environmental pollution and resource waste.
Advantages of combining reinforced nylon and TPE soft glue: By combining reinforced nylon and TPE soft glue, the good performance of the power tool housing in terms of strength, wear resistance, heat resistance, etc. can be achieved while maintaining its good grip comfort and anti-slip properties. TPE soft glue can be overmolded with a variety of plastics for secondary injection molding, which provides greater flexibility in the design of power tool housings. Although the cost of reinforced nylon and TPE soft glue may be slightly higher, considering its good performance and processability, as well as its stability in long-term use, this material combination is highly cost-effective.
In summary, the use of reinforced nylon and TPE soft glue as the material of power tool housing A has many advantages, which can ensure that the power tool housing reaches a high level in terms of performance, comfort and environmental protection.